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Table of Contents

Preface ix

PART I: Brain: Then and Now
Chapter 1: Brain Basics
        –changes in the brain over eons
Chapter 2: The Learning, Changing Adult Brain
        –experience, memory, and emotions
Chapter 3: Metaphors, Embodiment, and Hemispheres
        –foundations of brain-aware approaches

PART II: Practices That Enhance Adult Learning
        –featuring the Theatre of Knowing
Chapter 4: Setting the Stage for Learning
        –lowering anxiety, engaging curiosity
Chapter 5: Enter Stage Left
        –starting with verbal-theoretical-conceptual approaches in mind
Chapter 6: Enter Stage Right
        –starting with embodied and metaphorical approaches in mind
Chapter 7: Center Stage
        –interweaving multifaceted approaches
Chapter 8: Spotlight on Meaning Making
        –scaffolding reflection and feedback

PART III: Reflecting on Practice
Chapter 9: Enhancing Brain-Aware Practice with Theory
–foundational theories of learning and development
Chapter 10: Toward Complexity and Commitment
–learning that promotes courageous informed action




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