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Preface excerpt

(Excerpt from Preface)

Once upon a time, like Goldilocks, we went searching for a book about the brain and adult learning that was just right--neither too abstract nor too technical.  It would describe in accurate but non-technical language how the adult brain works and also how to construct more brain-aware approaches that help adults learn and perform more effectively in diverse settings.

We finally realized that the book we wanted to read was one we would have to write. We invited dozens of experienced practitioners on five continents to share with us their persistent questions with regard to working with adults.  Here are some of their questions:

  • How can we help adults more readily value and build on their experience?
  • How do we effectively encourage learners to explore and engage with new perspectives and unfamiliar ideas?
  • How do we best approach socially sensitive issues--for example, diversity and inclusion--that may challenge long-standing assumptions and beliefs?
  • How do we deal with our own assumptions about leaning and our value judgments? . . .
          This book provides dozens of "brain-aware" approaches contributed by an international group of experienced educators, trainers, coaches, and consultants.

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