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  “. . .Current brain research [is] often over-hyped and over-generalized. Synthesizing contributions from colleagues around the globe with foundational theories of adult learning, Taylor and Marienau offer dozens of examples of brain-aware approaches to practice that can be adopted and adapted for the multitude of settings—workplace and academic, formal and informal—where adult learning happens.”

—DAVID A. KOLB, author of Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, 2nd ed.; and creator of the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory

"So many assertions about what conditions best foster adult learning are based on anecdotal evidence or broad generalizations drawn from the theory of the day. In this groundbreaking book the authors take us skillfully and creatively on a journey through the construction of 'brain aware' approaches to support adult learning. Although the topic is complex the text is written clearly and accessibly. Facilitating Learning with the Adult Brain in Mind is a must read for anyone interested in facilitating adult learning."

—STEPHEN D. BROOKFIELD, author of Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults and Teaching for Critical Thinking

"Historically, once we, as facilitators, enter the theatre of adult learning and the houselights fade to dark, we have found it challenging to gauge what truly transpires behind the fixed faces of our adult audiences in our attempts to perform miracles of learning transfer. . . Marienau and Taylor use the latest insights of neuroscience to lift the curtain at long last and reveal which facilitation techniques work - and why . . . WARNING: This book both validates and verifies; be prepared to leave your assumptions at the stage door."

—TRISH UHL, CPLP, Learning Transformation Leader at Owl's Ledge

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